a picture of iPod Jewelry

To be truthful I'm just a geek like the rest of them, I was sitting in my hotel room during MacWorld, playing with my newly acquired shuffle and some pearls I had just bought in China Town. I began thinking "heck this would make a really cool necklace..." It had the lanyard already attached so it wasn't that far of a jump. I snapped off the lanyard before my husband got home so he couldn't tell me not to, and started designing a pendant incorporating the shuffle into the design. This is my first hand-crafted iPod jewelry design. I have gotten together a few of my very talented artisan friends, and we're going to set up an e-Shop at ipodjewerly.com to sell all kinds of different iPod jewelry. With ideas that hit just about all market interests.

In the future we plan to have heavy metal jewelry, hot pink rhinestone jewelry and everything in between.

Pricing will depend upon the piece. The one that is pictured is made with craft wire (I'm thinking of upgrading to a silver wire) and freshwater pearls woven into the wire, it will probably go on sale for about $40 (considering the materials used to make it). The larger pieces on it are shells. I like this piece because it is very organic. Currently we are looking at anywhere from $20 and up depending on what the piece is made from. These are entirely handcrafted pieces, and I have no plans of any mass production. In the future they will be available for sale on the website at ipodjewelry.com

The body is the iPod Shuffle Player, you simply slip it into the sleeve and there it lives... I'm not selling the shuffle as part of it, the instructions on how to add it to your iPod are quite easy. Break the lanyard that comes with the iPod (I've been looking into getting the caps without lanyards from Apple) off of the cap and then insert the new necklace (this one is made with a metal ribbon). Then drop on the jewelry. I like to look at it as one big pendant on a pretty little necklace.

If you would like to learn anything else about iPodJewelry or it's parent company, Hitchcock Creations please email Liz at lizesc@ipodjewelry.com. Currently we are furiously working at making the website nicer, and getting a merchant account so that we can do online transactions. If you sign up for our list (list@ipodjewelry.com) we will notify you when all of our online transaction processing is ready. Until then, if you would like to make any purchases please email sales@ipodjewelry.com and we should be able to work something out.

Once again we wouldl ike to state how appreciative that this concept has been warmly accepted, and hope everyone checks back often for more updates.