Maria (Rosie) Hernandez

Rosie, Maria Hernandez

Designer, Maria "Rosie" Hernandez has joined the artists at iPodJewelry. We're very excited to have her in our group. She works with "original elements to handcraft beaded jewelry, combining the use of unique pendants, rustic threads, fresh water pearls, quartz, Bali beads (925 silver), Thai beads (950 silver) and semi-precious gems." Fitting with our future hopes for iPodJewelry she understands that "every woman needs to make her own fashion statement."

Take a look at some of her beautiful jewelry pieces at Roots of Art, Inc

Liz (Cash) Hitchcock

Liz (Cash) Hitchcock

Liz is an artist at heart who makes her living doing the mundane on the web. She's a programmer by trade, but is looking to break out of that mold so that she can be known as an artsy programmer. Her favorite mediums are beads, but she loves to learn anything new. On a personal note I would like to thank everyone that has been interested in and I hope that you check back often. I'm thinking about adding a few tutorials to the site, so that crafty people can try their hand at making iPodJewelry.